Rambling Ravens with Luteea


Trans Male|DemiBi|
Raven and Scavenger Bird Lover|Anime,Manga,etc|
taken by a lovely partner

no art just rambling and the truth and being myself. With poetry added

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Front Garden

These are some pics from a few years ago of our front garden. I can't remember if these were from both or just one because we have two garden in front.

Raven’s Quarantine journal. Entry 1

It's late April and it's Friday. I've kinda lost track of how long this "pandemic" has gone on. It all starts to blur after the first week. You start to lean on your phone. a Daily routine of checking your apps then spending a few hours scrolling through one app. Soon it's off to a nap then more pushing yourself to go take a walk. It's funny how lonely it gets when your in the same house

Written in Blood (poem)

Trust in your headt

don't sell your soul

because as they say

deals are written in blood

Good day (poem)

it's been a good day

this day started out sour

but slowly became a good one

thank the gods for pizza